Ellie and William

MAY 6, 2023

Wilmington, north carolina


our love story 

Ellie and William met her sophomore year in high school where they were partners in Spanish class. Two years later during Ellie’s senior year they hit it off at a Halloween party and quickly began dating afterwards and here they are 8 years later engaged! 

Ellie & William went their separate ways in college, Ellie attended UNC and William attended VMI. They both traveled many miles back and forth to visit each other. Ellie went to Lexington, VA for William’s football games and William visited Chapel Hill for Tar Heel football games and KD cocktails.

After graduation, Ellie moved to NYC taking a job with L’Oreal and William continued to serve with the army and moved to San Antonio, Texas as a Second Lieutenant at Fort Sam Houston in the Medical Service Corps. They both spent time flying back and forth for fun filled weekends in each other’s cities alongside of their quarantine puppy purchase, Louie the Frenchie. After three more years of long distance, Ellie left New York City to become a Texan.

This past Christmas Eve, surrounded by family and friends, William proposed to Ellie on the beautiful island of St. John. It was a beautiful evening full of love and celebration.

Ellie and William look forward to celebrating their marriage on May 6, 2023 in Wilmington, NC surrounded by their families and friends.

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